Company Overview

Based on our experience in 20+ cities, 12+ sectors, and 15+ services, we create tailor-made optimization solutions that will continuously add value to the business owner’s vision and strategy based on the specific needs of the Management.

Our management techniques have already been applied and succeeded in many international organizations of different sizes.

Code of Ethics

CO1 is committed to unimpeachable ethical, moral, and legal standards that adhere to our values.  We treat as confidential all information of whatever nature relating wholly or partly to the Services or the affairs of the Company or its affiliates which is supplied by or on behalf of the Company to CO1 in writing or orally or is acquired by observation by CO1 at the offices or other premises of the Company. We treat as well as confidential any reports, analysis, compilations, studies, or other documents prepared by or on behalf of CO1. CO1 may only use confidential information if required by the legal authorities. 

CO1 Group Partners

Our team’s composition is made up of the following four dimensions: 

  • Organizational Development Experts
  • Talent Management & HR Experts
  • Portfolio/Program/Project Managers
  • Financial Experts

For the best execution, we partner with the best-in-class Subject Matter Experts. 

looking for first-class organizational development experts?