What is Corporate Governance?

Foundation of an effective governance model that includes the owners of the business in the form of shareholders, who appoint a number of trustees in the form of a board of directors to oversee their interest in the business and who in turns hires a Chief Executive Officer to develop a strategy with a proper budget, employ resources to build and operate processes, generate profits and create sustainable value for the shareholders. It explains the different components of a Corporate Governance model from the top to the result’s generation.

Why do organizations need it?

  1. Design, assist in executing, and monitoring the implementation of a corporate governance structure.
  2. Create a clear authority matrix, structure, roles, and responsibilities for quick and efficient decision-making.
  3. Create a results-driven organization.
  4. Reinforce the development and retention of a professional team.
  5. Create a dynamic synergy between the different divisions of an organization.


On-site or online tailored Corporate Governance Seminar and Training.

Set a complete structure of the organization with roles and responsibilities.

Elaboration of an Authority Matrix.

applicable for the following companies sizes

  • Medium-sized enterprises
  • Large enterprises

Main target at your organization

Leaders of the organization