Excellence Model

what is the Excellence Model?

Concepts of Excellence through a Total Quality Management Model: different pillars of Excellence through Leadership, Strategy, Partnership and Resources, People and Processes/Products/Services. It also defines the importance of results related to different stakeholders: Shareholders/Clients/People/Community.

Why do we need it?

  1. Set and communicate a clear direction and strategy.
  2. Improve financial results and look for growth.
  3. Understand key drivers for the achievement of objectives.
  4. Ability to make timely decisions based on available information.
  5. Inspire people and create a culture of involvement empowerment and improvement.
  6. Promote a development culture to encourage innovation and organizational development.
  7. Champion organizational values to develop and enhance the reputation of the organization.


Develop a tailor-made excellence model.

Define an action plan for growth.

Review the budget in line with the action plan.

Set KPIs to measure performance.

Leadership Training and Line Managers coaching.

applicable for the following companies sizes

  • Medium-sized enterprises
  • Large enterprises

main target at your organization

Leaders of the organization