What is Recruitment?

We specialize in identifying and recruiting top-tier professionals who meet and exceed your organization’s specific requirements. With our extensive expertise, we offer a comprehensive range of services to help organizations find the right high-level candidates and optimize their workforce.

Why do organizations need it?

  1. At CO1, our headhunting process is designed to identify and attract top-tier talent tailored to your unique needs.
  2. Here’s a brief overview:
    1. Needs Analysis: We start by understanding the organization’s requirements, including skills, culture fit, and leadership qualities.
      Market Research: Thorough industry and company research to pinpoint potential candidates.
    2. Candidate Identification: Leveraging networks, databases, and targeted outreach to connect with potential candidates.
    3. Screening and Evaluation: Initial assessments to assess education, skills, work experience, and any other relevant qualifications.
    4. Interviews: Conducting the interview process on behalf of the client thru the competency based interview protocol.
    5. Negotiation and Offer Management: Handling negotiations and offer management on behalf of the client, streamlining the process for a successful hire.
    6. Post-Placement Support: Our commitment doesn’t end with the hire. We provide ongoing support to ensure a seamless transition and integration.


Optimal structure with clear job analysis and job description.

Shortlisted candiates.

Competency-based interview protocol report & Offer

Applicable for the following companies sizes:

  1. Microenterprises
  2. Small enterprises
  3. Medium-sized enterprises
  4. Large enterprises

main target at your organization

  • Leaders of the organization
  • HR