What is Performance Management?

The Performance Management System is an ongoing essential communication process between a line manager and an employee that occurs throughout the year to accomplish the organization’s strategic objectives, vision, and mission. It is a framework that tends to measure both outputs (i.e., results of an individual) and inputs (‘how’ the results are achieved).

Why do organizations need it?

  1. Define the performance culture of the organization.
  2. Define the strategy and the objectives (at the organizational, department, and individual levels).
  3. Evaluate the Performance of the organization.
  4. Set and Implement the People Development plan.


Performance Management System properly tailored to the organization.

On-site or online tailored Performance Management Seminar and Training.

Applicable for the following companies sizes:

  1. Microenterprises
  2. Small enterprises
  3. Medium-sized enterprises
  4. Large enterprises

main target at your organization

  • Leaders of the organization
  • CHRO
  • HR