What is Reward Modeling and Pay Management?

An effective compensation strategy is a well-reasoned, actionable plan that translates an organization guiding principles about compensation into tactical approaches around base pay, short- and long-term incentives, and recognition awards in order to meet business objectives. It ensures that compensation is set properly to get the greatest impact on investments.

Why do organizations need it?

A reward structure and pay management responding to the below questions:

  • Employer – Do our rewards programs foster knowledge, competencies, and behaviors that are necessary for business success?
  • Employee – Are my rewards part of a compelling value proposition that I understand and support?
  • Cost – Are rewards costs affordable and sustainable? Do they crowd out other profitable investments?


Job Analysis

Job leveling

Reward Structure.

Compensation and Benefits policy & Pay Management policy

On-site or online tailored Reward Modeling and Pay Management Seminar and Training.

Applicable for the following companies sizes:

  1. Microenterprises
  2. Small enterprises
  3. Medium-sized enterprises
  4. Large enterprises

main target at your organization

  1. CEO
  2. CFO
  3. CHRO
  4. HR